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Call name: Asher
Color: Black Silver Tabby


Asher is an ultra sweet and gentle girl.

She came from Phyllis Stiebens, Behold Maine Coon cattery).  Thank you Phyllis from the bottom of my heart for this incredible silver poly girl.

Asher is our polydactyl silver tabby queen.  Her coat is amazingly soft and luxurious.

She is our sweet, quiet, loving, independent girl.  She enjoys brushing time, playing, exploring and hanging out with my 10-year-old daughter Emily, cuddling amongst the many stuffed animals.  She likes to observe from a distance and size you up until she gets to know you, but if you show her toys she’s your best friend instantly. 

Asher is a wonderful outcross girl with a very low total inbreeding coefficient and is an extremely valuable member of our breeding program.  Asher produces amazingly affectionate and gorgeous kittens and is a wonderful momma.


DNA by parents:  clean

HCM Echo: Normal (2022 August), Normal 2024 April 

PKD ultrasound: Normal 2022

OFA Hip-Xray: soon

Good oral health!

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