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Call name:  Vivat

Vivat is our young, red solid stud. This boy is massive already and is still developing.  He came from Bulgaria, South-East Europe from Elena Udovenko.  Thank you so much Elena for this amazing boy! He’s a real treasure! We are in love with him! Vivat is already a big boy, but he won’t reach his adult size and weight until he’s 3-5 years old. 
He has an amazing easy-going personality, gentle, loving and super affectionate.  He’s our big “teddy bear”. My daughter packs him around like a baby.  Playing fetch is one of his favorite games, he enjoys going for leash walks on our property and loves car rides.  He adores water and one of his favorite spots to sleep is the bathroom sink. He loves being near us and follows us everywhere.

 Sharing morsels of our food with him is a must in his mind, but of course we are very careful with that.
Vivat is an excellent combination in type of European show lines and the more moderate, well balanced traditional American lines. Vivat has earned his Double Grand Champion title in May 2022.  We are so proud of this amazing boy!

Inbreeding: 0%, Total COI: 12.8%
DNA gene tests (by parents): clear
HCM Echo: Normal (April 2022, November 2023)
PKD ultrasound: Normal (April 2022)
OFA Hip-Xray:  Good (2022)
Good oral health!

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