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               REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS               from our kitten families

beautiful Maine Coon kitten
Adorable Maine Coon Kitten
Playful Maine Coon kitten

Angie and Doug from Edmonton, Alberta adopted our sweet ARTEMIS (pictured above) in March 2023

Here is Angie and Doug's experience with Morwenna Maine Coons: 

"Artemis Completed our Family

Our entire experience with Morwenna Maine Coons was simply amazing.  The support and communication started as soon as I made contact with Aniko.  She walked us through the entire adoption process from day one until we picked up our sweet Artemis.  We received updated pictures of our fur baby consistently through the weeks as we were nearing our special pick up day.

Aniko walked us through not only how to feed and care for our new kitten but also how to bring our new resident kitten to the same point to ensure the transition of our new kitten was smooth.  If we had any questions or concerns, we were always able to talk, text or email Aniko and she happily responded with very thorough information and resources.

The day we picked Artemis up, we were meeting friends and not just breeders.  Aniko and Jason welcomed us into their home, introduced us to their family as well as some fur babies and adults.  We could see truly how much they loved and cared for their fur babies.  We felt comfortable to ask any questions, felt very reassured with all the answers we were told and can validate that these babies are truly the best they could possibly be.  Physically as well as mentally since they raise well rounded kittens with exposure to as many daily occurrences as possible.

We left Morwenna Cattery with our baby snuggled down into her special blanket that smells like momma and her siblings (as well as some food, toys, microchip information and insurance trial).  Artemis contently laid in her bed without a single meow.  Once at home she was wary of the new sights, sounds and smells but confident enough to want to investigate her new kingdom.  We’ve had Artemis for just over 10 days and she is more than we could have ever imagined.  She has befriended our resident kitty already and working on the hearts of my two Aussies now.

Whole experience was more than we could have ever asked for.  We have our perfect family now that has been completed with baby Artemis.

Thank you so much Aniko and Jason!"

Picture Collage of Artemis, our beautiful Black Silver Torbie Maine Coon girl

Artemis in her home with Angie and Doug, the day she went home.

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