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Call name: Genavee
Color: Black tortie smoke
Genavee is our gorgeous black tortie smoke girl.  Her coat is super thick and luxuriously soft. She is one of Asher's daughters and full sister to Ocean. Don't let her "feral" look fool you, as she the most    loving girl imaginable and gets along with everyone in her feline group.  When she wants attention she does not take no for answer and simply pushes her way into my lap for some cuddles.  She's has the tiniest squeaky meow and loves to talk and "chirp".    Bird watching  through the living room window is one of her favourite pass time. She may have some other ideas with those birds, but we won't think about that part. This girl thinks that everything can be made into a toy.  Her and Ocean get the "zoomies" every evening and run through the living room chasing each other.  They are both large girls and it literally sounds like elephants running through the living room.
Genavee is one of our upcoming queens for 2023 early summer, once her health testing is completed.  We are so exited to see kittens from Genavee later this year.

Test results:
Echo: Normal 2023 November
Hip OFA: soon
PKD: normal 2023
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