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call name:  Rihanna

color: (Black) Brown Tabby with white

This girl “cracks” me up.  Rihanna is our beautiful, large brown tabby with white girl.  She’s hilarious! She’s the biggest “goof” ever and always puts a smile on our face with her clown-like personality. Rihanna is a chatty, very sociable and outgoing girl. She’s super confident and adores everyone!  Rihanna's pedigree is a nice mix of carefully chosen bloodlines.  Her temperament is flawless and can be only appreciated by people , who like me, value offensive affection in their pets. Rihanna comes from Allegiancelove Maine Coon cattery  in Bulgaria, South-East Europe from Elena Udovenko).  Thank you dear Elena for this spectacular and incredibly intelligent girl. We love her so much!

Rihanna is absolutely crazy about brushing time.  She loves playing and packing things around in her mouth.  We call her our “items collector”.  Rihanna is an exceptional mother and makes incredibly adorable and beautiful babies!


DNA gene tests N/N  through parents!

HCM Echo: Clear at 2.5 years old 

PKD ultrasound: Clear at 2.5 years old

OFA HD:  Excellent!

Perfect Oral health!

great Maine Coon profile
Such a goofy cat
Rihanna's wild look.
Just chilling.
This Maine Coon girl is so full of character and personality.
Allegiancelove X-Rihanna of Morwenna as a kitten.
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